Microsoft selects Acowale for its startup program

2 min readMay 2, 2022


The American multinational Microsoft has selected Acowale for its Microsoft for Startup’s program.

The program was set up in February 2018 and aims to help new business initiatives find their way to success.

Acowale X Microsoft for Startups

Acowale is a root stage startup company working on an innovative technological solution that helps customers in their digital transformation.

During the program, Acowale will use Microsoft Azure technology to scale up their product.

By doing this, Microsoft is providing startups with the technology and resources to carry out their business activities optimally, as well as an ecosystem of partners such as innovation centers or startup generators to help them get new customers.

Microsoft Cloud technology solutions facilitate the creation of applications with very little programming (Microsoft Power Apps), as well as data analysis and IoT (Internet of Things) incorporation to any device or platform.

Acowale is honored to have been selected by Microsoft to undertake this exciting business venture. Support is essential for startups, which rely on having the right tools for new projects.

According to Spain Startup data, only one in ten new companies survives past the first three years. Lack of funding and support, as well as a competitive marketplace are some of the main causes of startup failure.

Change begins with the exchange of ideas and knowledge; a maxim that is at the forefront of this program due to the presence of experts in both the digital and business spaces.

Microsoft for Startups is a unique opportunity not only because of the technological resources it provides, but also for the opportunity to join a community with the same goals in digital transformation.

In a team meeting earlier today, Crisbin Joseph Mathew, CEO of Acowale told, “We’re proud to announce that we joined the Microsoft for Startups program, an exclusive project that will help us scale and develop our business by joining forces with Microsoft. Being in close collaboration with Microsoft is a great opportunity for us to advance our technology in the area of Business Analytics, Data Management, Cloud Architecture and Platform Development — the new generation of our product.”

He further added “Acowale automates and streamlines the technical processes required at small-scale businesses enabling them with the powerful management tools”.

Microsoft selects Acowale for its startup program